The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974 -by Soner Kioufi -Kypros 1974 - Kibris 1974 - A true story about war in Cyprus - Kypros - Kibris - The Green line by Soner Kioufi
The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974 - Kibris - 1974 - Kypros 1974 - by Soner Kioufi

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Started this morning and now finished, I have just read 'The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone' Cyprus 1974. I couldn't put it down Soner Kioufi' description of his life, in London and here In Cyprus had me laughing out loud one minute and near to tears another.

I would recommend this book to young, old, male or female readers.

I have to agree Chris, I enjoyed the book very much.
You can almost imagine yourself there at the time.
We also read this book on Kindle when we were out there a few weeks ago and it was a fight who could get to the Kindle first, highly recommended.
Soner, this is the first time I have picked up a book and read it through in a day, in fact it must be 10 years since I last picked up a book

Thoroughly enjoyed the way in which you have written this, it's frightening to think back in my younger days and watching at home in Wales on a TV the horrific things going on in Cyprus without any understanding or feeling. After seven years of coming to the Kyrenia regiion I am getting an understanding especially as I am speaking with people who were actively involved or affected

I admire your honesty and delivery of your story, thank you

Soner - just to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your book. I feel that I now understand the situation much better after reading your recollections. I liked the easy style in which you have written the book. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Best wishes to you.

Amazon - 5 out of 5 stars Very good unbiased story, 21 April 2012

This is a riveting read, containing an unbiased view of what actually occured during the Summer of 1974 through the eyes of a child, a must have item if you are visiting Northern Cyprus to gain an insight of present situation.

Hey Soner, I really enjoyed your book thank you. I was rolling around in fits about the hospital visit and then the photo on the back cover made sense! Thanks for sharing the experiences.



Amazon - 5 out of 5 stars A Child's view, 27 Mar 2012

This book shows the 1974 war in Cyprus from a child's viewpoint. It is an easy read, but disturbing as well. The 'Cyprus Problem' seems to be unsolvable nearly 40 years on.

I today received your book in the post and sat down to read it, well just to let you know, i could not put it down and have just finished reading it.

What a wonderful book, and written in such a open way...i applaude you.

I have a 15 year old son who knows a bit about cyprus and its problems and history, he has agreed to read  your book to find out the simple way, he has tried to read the genocide files, but was too heavy going for him. I feel he should know more of his familys history....
Min E

My TC wife is as interested as I am to read your book, because she too was born in London in the 60s (albeit late 60s) and can relate to being "quiet, obedient and respectful Turkish children when our parents were around" and "wild and unruly" at other times.

We bought the book last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to get a different, independent perspective on the history of Cyprus. Well done!

I too really enjoyed the book: I have a six-year old son, and for much of the book, it was as if I was seeing the world through his eyes, albeit a world transplaced 40 years ... and of course in a "warzone" ...

I bought your book and received it by mail on Monday. I have read it and enjoyed it very much. Best wishes to you.

It is a great little read and an insight into so many things. for me, the greatest mystery is 'Why did his mother decide to take the 3 boys on holiday against her husband's wishes?' I think that is answered almost at the end of the book.

Great stuff soner. You should be proud of yourself.

Just to let you know i got it on Kindle at the weekend - almost finished it - nice read x

Only problem is I was beaten by the wife! She has grabed the book and is reading it first, whilst I wait patiently. Never mind, all in good time.


Hi Soner, still reading, and enjoying it!

I wish you success maybe Richard and Judy should read it for their Book Club.




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The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974

The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974 -by Soner Kioufi -Kypros 1974 - Kibris 1974 - A true story about war in Cyprus - Kypros - Kibris - The Green line by Soner Kioufi

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