Started this morning and now finished, I have just read ‘The Green Line – Holiday in a Warzone’ Cyprus 1974. I couldn’t put it down Soner Kioufi’s description of his life, in London and here In Cyprus had me laughing out loud one minute and near to tears another. 
I would recommend this book to young, old, male or female readers. 


I have to agree Chris, I enjoyed the book very much.
You can almost imagine yourself there at the time.


We also read this book on Kindle when we were out there a few weeks ago and it was a fight who could get to the Kindle first, highly recommended


Soner, this is the first time I have picked up a book and read it through in a day, in fact it must be 10 years since I last picked up a book.
Thoroughly enjoyed the way in which you have written this, it’s frightening to think back in my younger days and watching at home in Wales on a TV the horrific things going on in Cyprus without any understanding or feeling. After seven years of coming to the
Kyrenia region I am getting an understanding especially as I am speaking with people who were actively involved or affected.
I admire your honesty and delivery of your story, thank you


Soner – just to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your book. I feel that I now understand the situation much better after reading your recollections. I liked the easy style in which you have written the book. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Best wishes to you.


Amazon – 5 out of 5 stars Very good unbiased story, 21 April 2012 
This is a riveting read, containing an unbiased view of what actually occured during the Summer of 1974 through the eyes of a child, a must have item if you are visiting Northern Cyprus to gain an insight of present situation.


I today received your book in the post and sat down to read it, well just to let you know, i could not put it down and have just finished reading it.
What a wonderful book, and written in such a open way…i applaude you.
I have a 15 year old son who knows a bit about cyprus and its problems and history, he has agreed to read  your book to find out the simple way, he has tried to read the genocide files, but was too heavy going for him. I feel he should know more of his familys history….

Min E

My TC wife is as interested as I am to read your book, because she too was born in London in the 60s (albeit late 60s) and can relate to being “quiet, obedient and respectful Turkish children when our parents were around” and “wild and unruly” at other times


We bought the book last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to get a different, independent perspective on the history of Cyprus. Well done!


I too really enjoyed the book: I have a six-year old son, and for much of the book, it was as if I was seeing the world through his eyes, albeit a world transplaced 40 years … and of course in a “warzone” …


It is a great little read and an insight into so many things. for me, the greatest mystery is ‘Why did his mother decide to take the 3 boys on holiday against her husband’s wishes?’ I think that is answered almost at the end of the book. 
Great stuff soner. You should be proud of yourself.


Only problem is I was beaten by the wife! She has grabed the book and is reading it first, whilst I wait patiently. Never mind, all in good time. 


I wish you success maybe Richard and Judy should read it for their Book Club.


That hot summer of fear under the shadow of death
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 January 2014
I’m glad the accounts of the weeks before and after the 1974 conflict were not as violent as I have read elsewhere. What is heart warming is the life-affirming attitude of the protagonist and of his mother. Moreover, being from the ‘other’ ethnic group, and of the same age in years, my heart empathises with his fears or with those tormented souls such as his sweet grandma. I was only a child myself yet I was sensitive enough to realise from a young age that some how Turkish Cypriots were treated as 2nd class citizens by a vocal minority in the pre 1974 conflict. Such were the times, blind with hatred from some of us, blind from ignorance or pride to the point where we could not see the divine in the eyes of our neighbour- and hence the collective curse of war (crimes) that we have brought upon our heads. Everything in this account is narrated as it was back then and I can relate to it. Amongst the chaos of Hell that was unleashed in 1974, the voice of this little Turkish cypriot manages to find a glimse of heaven in a smile and in the care free activities of childhood. If only Cyprus was left to the children , as adults definitely have yet to cultivate the depth of spirituality that can embrace ‘the other side’, in themselves and all humanity in general.

Mr K

Hey Soner, I really enjoyed your book thank you. I was rolling around in fits about the hospital visit and then the photo on the back cover made sense! Thanks for sharing the experiences. 


A good read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 March 2019 Verified Purchase
Written simply and unbiased it is one account of events that surrounded 1974 in Cyprus. Well worth a read and gives a perspective that is not often found elsewhere. Easy to read and quite enjoyable.


The stories that matter
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 May 2013 Verified Purchase
Thanks Soner. I lived in Cyprus as a child (a British Forces child), actually on the dividing line in Limassol. Here, I first experienced discrimination…against the Turkish people. So saying, I feel there has been such tragedy for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots and to really under stand what has happened we need to hear the true stories and listen to the
impact that false nationalism has on the people that get caught up in the battle. Please read this story of one family’s experience. You will laugh and you will cry.


A holiday to remember…
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 August 2012 Verified Purchase
A fascinating account, told from a child’s viewpoint, of the events immediately prior to, and following the ‘Turkish Intervention’ in Cyprus.
As I now live in Northern Cyprus, amongst those Turkish Cypriots described in the book, I found the blow-by-blow account, and the matter of fact language used, doubly engaging.
The family background of the young Soner Koufi is sufficient to give the reader a picture of a normal boy, brought up in postwar London by hardworking parents, who suddenly finds himself transplanted to an exotic location, amongst Cousins and other Family that he has never met and can barely understand at first.
As if that were not enough, coupled with the ongoing ethnic conflict, War breaks out!
This is a ‘Must Read’ for everyone with any interest in Cyprus.

Amazon Customer

An absolute must read
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 June 2012 Verified Purchase
I am so happy that this book was recommended to me. It was a marvellous read, absolutely unputdownable, I devoured this book in one sitting. The author writes from the perspective of himself as an 8 year old boy, his memories are clearly set down and are full of humour, mischief, tragedy and loss. I have never recommended a book before but had to do so with this one.


The Green Line – a must read for anyone visiting Cyprus
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
5 May 2012 Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this book, I found it both moving and witty. It made me smile and also brought me to tears. Even so, it was a must read for me as a frequent visitor
to Cyprus. Short and to the point, I couldn’t put it down once I had started reading. The writer tells of his experiences of what happened in Cyprus; what happened to him and his family, when as a boy, he was on holiday from England, visiting extended family during the summer of 1974.

J Foggy

Fantastic insight to the Cyprus problem
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 July 2016 Verified Purchase
Fantastic insight into how it really was. Gave me a far greater understanding of the situation and the reason the Turkish army was seen as the saviour of the Turkish Cypriots. Very well written but also very entertaining written from a child’s personal experience.


Very good unbiased story
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
21 April 2012 Verified Purchase
This is a riveting read read, containing an unbiased view of what actually occured during the Summer of 1974 through the eyes of a child, a must have item if you are visiting Northern Cyprus to gain an insight of present situation.


Compelling story
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
14 August 2014 Verified Purchase
I live in North Cyprus so found Soner’s account of the ’74 conflict very interesting. Very easy to read and difficult to put down! I read the whole tale in one sitting.


The Green Line
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
11 September 2013
Verified Purchase
It was really interesting reading this, Being a greek cypriot myself, and having lived in the North of Cyprus at the time of the 1974 invasion, it was good to see what Soner exprienced in the war, a good eye opener.

Nikki Wheeler

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
1 September 2012 Verified Purchase
I think this is a fantastic book, once I started reading I found it very hard to put down. Highly recommended reading.


Riveting read
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
21 May 2018
A really fascinating, informative and easy read upon the experience of a child (the writer) caught up in the troubles of Cyprus in 1974. Soner provides a balanced perspective on the events that unfolded that summer and how it affected the families on the island of Cyprus. As a regular visitor of Cyprus, both North and South, i found the book very gripping and had finished it within a couple of days.

J Robson

Great reading
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on
5 September 2012
Purchased this book earlier this year. I am addicted to the history of the island of Cyprus having been lucky enough to live out there for over 10 years.
Those long hot summer days of 1974 are captured perfectly by Soner… A holiday which turned into both a nightmare and
an adventure. The coup followed by the Turkish peace operation are all seen from a child’s eyes. The memory of my time on the island came flooding back.
The book does not take sides, it is simply a child’s view of what was happening at that moment in time.
The book was so good I managed to read it all the way thro on a recent 4 hr flight to Cyprus.
In summary a great read .


Fascinating perspective on Cyprus’ history
Reviewed in Germany on
22 January 2020
Verified Purchase
An interesting look at the troubles in Cyprus of the early 70’s through the eyes of a young Turkish Cypriot boy. Well worth a read to get a balanced view of those difficult times on the island.